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Wild Animal Feed

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Browse our variety of quality DeLong Co. wild bird seed mixes - manufactured & shipped directly from Clinton, Wisconsin.

Delco Premium

A Premium wild bird seed mix sure to attract a variety of birds to your yard. Contains sunflower, safflower, peanuts, Niger, millet, corn & grit. Available in 10# 25# and 50#


An affordable wild bird seed mix. Contains sunflower, millets, cracked corn & wheat. Available in 25# and 50#

No Waste

A premium mix of unshelled wild bird seed designed to leave no waste on your lawn. A blend of sunflower meats, millets, peanut pieces and cracked corn. Available in 10# 20# and 40#

Cardinal Mix

A wild bird mix designed to attract cardinals, but also attracts other birds. Contains black sunflower, safflower, peanut pieces & striped sunflower. Available in 10# 18# and 36#

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Wild Finch Plus

A blend of thistle, fine sunflower meats, hulled millet, canary seed, red millet, flax seed & canary seed sure to attract lots of finches into your yard. Available in 10# 25# and 50#

Woodpecker Mix

A mix of peanuts, sunflower, corn, cherries & raisins designed for feeding woodpeckers and other birds. Available in 10# and 20#

Squirrel Treat

A blend of corn, sunflower, mixed nuts, raw in shell peanuts & pumpkin seeds sure to attract squirrels to your yard. Available in 15#

Patio Mix

A blend of whole sunflower meats, peanut rejects, tree nuts & dried cranberries, guaranteed to leave no mess and no grow.Available in 8# and 15#

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Seasonal Wild Bird Mixes

Summer Mix

A mixture of sunflower, peanuts, safflower, millet, raisins & calcium. Available in the summer only.

Spring Mix

A blend of sunflower, peanuts safflower, millet, raisins & calcium for egg production. Available in the spring only.

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Fruity Fall Feast

A mixture of sunflower, safflower, millet, peanuts, canary seed, dried strawberry & dried blueberry. Available in the fall only.

Holiday Mix

A mixture of sunflower, millet, peanuts, safflower, cranberries & grit. Only available in the holiday season.

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Plain Bird Seed
  • Black Oil Sunflower Seed 

  • Striped Sunflower Seed

  • Safflower Seed

  • Thistle Seed

  • Fine Sunflower Hearts

  • Medium Sunflower Hearts

  • Whole Sunflower Hearts

  • Raw Peanuts

  • Roasted Peanut Pieces

Wild Bird Suet, Seed Cakes & Mealworms
Bird Feeders & Accessories
Deer & Wildlife Feed
  • Deer Corn

  • Hi-Energy Deer 


  • Antlermax

Deer Blocks:

  • Manna Pro Deer Block

  • Manna Pro Apple Block

DeLong Wild life Mix


A blend of Shelled corn, Cracked Corn, Black Sunflower, Steamed Rolled Corn, Recleaned wheat, Raw Peanuts & Peanunt Meats and Striped Sunflower seed, perfect for deer, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels & ducks. Available in 40 LB.

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