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Omolene 400

Omolene 400
Product Description:

It took over 100 years of industry-leading research and innovation to build today’s Purina® Omolene® horse feed lineup. We started with naturally nutritious high-quality whole grains packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients and prebiotic fibers. From there, countless nutrition studies and feeding trials at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center led to scientific breakthroughs that keep our formulas on the cutting-edge of equine nutrition and performance. Because only innovations proven to have the highest level of performance and safety earn their place in Purina® Omolene® horse feeds, you can feed with full confidence. Whether you need to fuel intense competitive performance, support your horse’s gastric health or nourish the growth of the next generation of equine athletes, Omolene® feeds are built to help solve your toughest nutritional challenges.


Highly Digestible Fiber
A calorie dense complete feed with a blend of fiber sources to partially or totally replace forage

Gastric Support
Formulated with Outlast® Supplement to support gastric health and proper pH

Healthy Appearance
Contains Purina® Amplify® high fat nugget to maintain body condition shine and bloom

Low Dust Ingredients
Designed for horses with respiratory or dietary sensitivity, this formula contains no barley, oats, or alfalfa

Purina® Amplify® High-Fat Nugget
A proprietary blend of vegetable oils, flaxseed, and rice bran to support weight gain, endurance, shine, and bloom

Loose Beet Pulp Shreds
An excellent source of fermentable fiber for sustained energy

Complete Feed
Roughage built-in to partially or completely replace hay or pasture, this formula provides 100% of the required vitamins and minerals when fed as directed.*

Available in:

40 LB

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