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SafeChoice Senior

SafeChoice Senior
Product Description:

Specially designed formula for the older horse with high fat, controlled starch, and key ingredients


NutriBloom Advantage
Nutri-Bloom Advantage® increases fiber digestion by up to 15% and digestible energy by up to 5%. So your horse gets more nutrition from every bite.

Balanced Omegas
Balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acid levels from rice brand and flaxseed

Highly digestible fiber sources allow you to feed SafeChoice Senior by itself, without hay or pasture.

Formula enhanced with antioxidants - including selenium and vitamins C and E - to support aged immune systems and help minimize the effects of stress.

Topline Balance
Including Topline Balance, the Nutrena brand's unique approach to topline health

Balanced Sources
Guaranteed maximums of starch and sugar levels

Available in:

50 LB

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