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Empower Topline Balance

Empower Topline Balance
Product Description:

Concentrated, controlled-starch ration balancer to complement hay or grass diets
Empower® Topline Balance® Ration Balancer is designed to round out nutrition for your horses that get adequate energy from good quality forage or pasture. It’s a ration balancer offering a blend of the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your horse needs to look and feel its best, including unique support for better topline health. The low-feeding rate is a great benefit, making it the perfect partner with pasture or hay, or as a top dress to another feed.


Includes Topline Balance® to support better topline health
Supports the nutritional needs of easy keepers, miniature horses, and ponies
Concentrated nutrient levels allow for low feeding rates
Guaranteed amino acid levels to support muscle maintenance and development
Added prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health and nutrient absorption
Organic trace minerals help support immune system strength, hoof integrity, and hair coat quality
Highly palatable pellet promotes consistent intake and prevents sorting

Available in:

40 LB

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