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Empower Boost

Empower Boost
Product Description:

High fat rice bran extruded nugget for working horses and hard keepers
Empower Boost Horse Feed is a special blend of fat and select nutrients to give your horse a leg up to work harder, train longer, and perform better. This mixture helps your hard keeper consistently deliver a strong performance that makes you proud.


An extruded combination of high-fat rice bran and flaxseed
Increased fat level helps maintain energy and ideal body condition
Added vitamin E and selenium for antioxidant benefits
Balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio for proper nutrient utilization
Stabilized nugget form for easier feeding and improved shelf life
Added prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health and nutrient absorption
Organic trace minerals help support immune system strength, hoof integrity, and hair coat quality
Extruded nugget

Available in:

40 LB

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