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Cavalor Wholegain

Product Description:

ENERGY RICH FEED CONCENTRATE THAT ENHANCES OVERALL CONDITION - Cavalor® WholeGain is an energy-rich feed concentrate for horses need¬ing to gain weight. It is mainly used to increase physical condition in underweight horses, prior to competition or to maintain optimal condition of sale horses. Extensive scientific research has shown that the addition of specific fatty acids to the daily feed ration, such as balanced omegas, produces extraordinary results. This leads to an overall improvement in condition and greater staying power (due to a “glyco-sparing effect”), a shiny coat, better feed conversion (more energy from fewer pounds of feed), reduced muscle stiffness and liver or digestive problems.



The easiest way to improve a horse's body condition, coat quality, and overall appearance is to add healthy fat to the diet. WholeGain is 20.5% fat safely adding weight without excess energy. Fat is a safer solution for weight gain since it does not cause undue systemic stress, such as kid­ney issues seen with protein-based feeds or muscle and gastrointestinal problems correlated to high starch rations. High fat diets have also been shown to decrease heat stress and improve endurance in equine athletes.


High amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids improve immune sys­tem function and protect against the effects of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and chronic skin issues. The ome­ga 3-containing oils used counter the modern, pro-inflamma­tory diet commonly fed to the average horse.


A healthy gut is critical to the success of any nutritional pro­gram. Living microbes, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and puffed grains are added to improve digestion and increase gut resilience to changing environments and diets. Shelf-sta­ble Yea-Sacc 1026TM is incorporated to ensure the live cul­tures added into the feed are active when they reach your horse.

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20 KG

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